Is Stitchfix Worth It? Maternity Edition

Who doesn’t love subscription boxes? They’re convenient… delivered to your front door. They’re wonders for your sanity as you don’t have to go shopping with a screaming toddler. They’re on trend and likely include things you wouldn’t typically buy yourself. Over the past few years, I’ve tried quite a few and some of my favorite things have come from boxes.


The one that I haven’t had good luck (or any luck) with is Stitchfix. I wish I have had a better experience to share with you all. To give you a quick rundown of my history with them, I’ve had 9 boxes before this one I’m about to share. I’ve followed every tip that I’ve found on the internet to get the “best box”. Linked to my Pinterest board with my style ideas, given specific feedback on items I’ve received, and given my Stylist a snippet of what I’m looking for at the time.

For example, I used it 2 years ago when my Husband and I were going to New York City. I wanted one with all dresses…. yeah… I got all dresses (which was good) but two of the patterns were navy and white stripe. Oh my… Oh my. In my 9 previous boxes, I’ve probably kept 2 or 3 things total. With 5 items per box times 9 boxes… that’s over 45 items that they’ve sent me. EEK… Now, I will preface this with my Husband has done their Stitchfix for men and has had GREAT luck. Damn him. *kidding…. kind of*

Here’s a lovely little example of some of the things I’ve received in the past that were especially not my style.

Past Stitchfix.png

I haven’t ordered a box in quite a while… so when I received a code for a free box, I thought “well, why not?”. I did hear that they were starting maternity boxes. If there’s something I hate more than shopping for clothes it’s shopping for maternity clothes. I don’t need many items yet as I’m just a few weeks into my second trimester but will. With my daughter, I kept some items but they’re mighty out of trend by now. That was 4 years ago! And the seasons don’t correlate at all. So, I ordered a box. Here comes the initial excitement! What will I get this time!?!

In the initial note to my Stylist, I wrote, “I live in Ohio. I need winter, warm clothes that I can layer. A coat would be amazing.” Pretty simple but my style is pretty simple. Give me a comfy pair of yoga pants and an oversized sweater and I’m golden. Of course, I can’t wear those items to my office— so I typically go with dresses (in the summer) or skinny jeans, sweaters, button ups, etc. I’m pretty casual in my everyday life. Sounds pretty easy right? Yeah, I like to think so….


Here’s what I received:

Navy & Pink Tie Waist Blouse ($48): I don’t know where to start. This made my tiny bump look like I was full term. Yikes…. The print wasn’t my style at all. A very thin material that would have been preferable for spring or summer. And… the tie waist. While you may like tie waist, that’s great. I don’t like them at all. I’m short and it makes me look like I’m all boob and head if you know what I mean. I hated it so much that I forgot to take a second picture of it. It was already back in the bag to be sent back. Ha! RETURNED asap.

Dark Gray (almost black) Kensie Jacket ($88): Was definitely not the coat I asked for. This “jacket” was so thin and tight in the arms that I probably couldn’t even wear a sweater under it without getting elbow sweat. Ugh… It also had this odd single button in the boob line that if you had a third trimester belly, it’d all be hanging out of the coat. Literally. *Head smack* RETURNED

Dark Green Nursing Button Knit Top ($54): It had promise at first. I actually like the color green. Being a brunette, we’re supposed to wear green to make us look tan during the winter. The material was soft and comfortable. The side ruching… ugh, needs to end. Nothing screams “maternity” like that. And, I liked the length. BUT, at $54 for a t-shirt and a maternity shirt, it was too much. RETURNED

Black Seam Pullover ($46): For a basic black sweater this wasn’t horrible. But, why the center seam detail? It didn’t fit like maternity… so I’m not sure if you’d be able to wear for very long. And it was rather short. I’m 5’2″ and it came just to the top of my pants. PASS

Black & White Stripe Crossback Detail Top ($44): Stripes… I get that they have a “minimizing” effect but they are not flattering on me particularly when I have a baby bump. Just makes a hippy girl look wider. Thanks, but no thanks. This is the one I would have highly considered keeping if it wasn’t in a stripe. I liked the material and the length. My luck. RETURNED

Like I said earlier, my husband has had great luck! So if you’re looking for a gift idea or something to spruce up your significant other or husband’s wardrobe with little effort, it’s definitely worth it! Use this link and try it for free!! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

So, there it is… my most current (#10) Stitchfix box. They did offer me another free box because of how I rated this box. I just can’t decide if I want to commit to disappointment again. What do you think? Should I go for it or let it ride?

Until Next Time

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