As 2017 Shuts, 2018 Opens!

As 2017 rapidly approaches the end, it’s time to reflect upon the last year and make promises of the new year. This year, for me, was pretty eventful -some good and not-so-good, so is life.  

Last year started with a low and my Aunt passing. Although, in hindsight, a quick trip to North Carolina with my Mom turned into a mini-road scenic trip, due to the unfortunate “avoid highways” on my phone gps being set by a 3-year-old. It’s funny now and the back roads were beautiful and much better than seeing just freeway. The unknown and going with the flow was a theme throughout the year for me.  

Next up was a cabin trip to Hocking Hills with my closest girlfriends. Two nights in tranquil beauty that is southern Ohio during the Spring. What a sight to behold. We went on a few hikes (I struggled at the end… phew), enjoyed a winery, built a fire, and stuffed our faces with delicious food… I’m still thinking about all that cheese. Yum!  

This summer was spent relaxing outside, at our neighborhood pool, chillin’ in the air conditioning, and prepping for all the fall and winter activities! Nothing major happened in our lives, just the normal every day hustle.  


September in Charleston was amazing. Hurricane Irma changed our plans but didn’t derail our spirit. The two days spent there were interesting as most businesses and homes were closing up and prepping their buildings for the impending doom. The time that we did spend in the city was wonderful. The food and the scenery were spectacular! I’m one for the history and architecture and Charleston did not disappoint! Thanks to Irma and Delta not knowing if we’d have a departure flight due to wind, we rented a car and drove home to Ohio! What an adventure it ended up being.  

One month later, my Mom and I took a trip to Texas. Having never been before, it was interesting to explore and learn. Our first night was in Fort Worth, which I thought was a delightful city. We imbibed on some good beverages and enjoyed our night. The next day we drove to Waco, the holy grail for Fixer Upper fans. Magnolia was amazing and you can read my review of it from October, here. And ended it up with Dallas. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Dallas but the Arboretum was stunning.  

Between the trips and everyday life, there were showers and weddings. Oh my… so many of those wonderful events. And…. another thing happened during 2017 is that we found out we’re having a second baby! Woo! 2017 overall wasn’t bad at all to me, but I’m more excited to see what 2018 has in store!  


Resolutions never work for me. I tend to try but never quite establish a method that works. So, this year I’m not going to do resolutions but put together a simple list that I think I can manage to follow. My wish list is as follows…  

2018_ A New Year

I hope you have a wonderful new year and all your wishes come true!

Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018  

Until Next Time

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