Hearth & Hand – Magnolia Collection at Target

I fangirl-ed a little internally this morning when I arrived at Target to see the new Gaines’ project launch, Hearth & Hand. As soon as I walked in, I saw the huge metal home structure ahead. Eek, butterflies… As I approached, I saw that a lot of people beat me to the punch. Unsure if the items I was looking for would still be there, I walked through the threshold. Eye scanning like a hawk, I spotted my loot. Target was kind enough to put all their items up on their website as a preview, so thankfully I knew what I was after.

First up! Stockings! I’ve been wanting new stockings for a few years. Our first two as a married couple matched perfectly and were super affordable (thanks World Market). When our daughter joined, I found another that complemented but you could tell that they weren’t bought together. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. They’re thick, so pretty, and will last years and years. At $13 each, a steal!StockingsNext, I had to grab these “Gather” napkin ring holders. Just because… https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52609194?wid=520&hei=520&fmt=pjpegAnd, this wreath pillow! The backside has a glitter-threaded red herringbone fabric. So adorable and I have the perfect spot in mind for it. https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52577285?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpeg

After I grabbed my essentials, I got to scope it out. The stoneware dinnerware looked and felt heavy quality. But I already have so many plates and mugs, my husband would not be happy with me. Perhaps in the future when my things start to wear… or break (wink wink). The Christmas swag was thick and festive. The textiles had nice coloring. I could have easily bought one of everything. I hope that the Gaines’ will continue this line for other seasonally relevant items.

Here are my other favorite items that I saw but haven’t acquired (yet…)

Doormats always get stepped on and trashed. This one would be perfect for everyday use! Welcome indeed… https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52579280?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpegI don’t know about you but I always need extra seating around, not just in holiday times. This floor cushion is perfect for that! And high style too with the piping. https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52583402_Alt01?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpegNow this…. is simply wonderful. What kid wouldn’t like this? Everyone loves hot chocolate. A complete set indeed. Marshmallows… check. Tiny cups… check. It’s all here for hours of fun. https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52609039?wid=520&hei=520&fmt=pjpegI do wish these coasters didn’t have a holiday message on them so I could have them out all year long. But I’d make do. https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52591191?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpegI just love this short, stubby pitcher. It’s a great color too! https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52591563?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpegThis black matte flatware set. Why couldn’t anyone have thought of this before? So pretty! https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52584545?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpegAnd, just for fun this Salt & Pepper set. I’m not sure how many times these would be used but they sure look pretty on a table. https://target.scene7.com/is/image/Target/52590584?wid=3000&qlt=70&fmt=pjpeg

Did you venture to Target this morning and pick anything up from Magnolia’s new line? I’d love to hear what loot you got!

Until Next Time

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