9 Items to Grab from Project 62 at Target

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Target’s newest home line, Project 62. Target, known for their Threshold collection, wants to spin another facet into the home décor section. I don’t blame them one bit. The Threshold items that I own have been among my favorites and have held up against wear and tear (and a toddler).

Project 62 has a bit of the mid-century modern flair, which normally wouldn’t get me excited, but this is seemingly different. For me, Target is great, especially for accessories. I tend to want to change things up so much that I’d hate to spend an arm and a leg on something unless I’m in LOVE with it.

I’ve scoured the website and the stores for my favorite items. Ones that I think can be used in all different kind of design styles and timeless.

  1. Geneva Glass Globe Accent Lamp! Hello, marble! Hello, brass! A steal at $39.99

Brass Lamp

2. Soriano Square Arm Tufted Chair: LOVE, love, love gray, but add velvet and it’s brilliant! Small details on the feet make for a unique statement. $249.99Velvet Chair

3. Hillside Console Table: Digging the lines on this. Simple with 3 shelves for ample storage AND it comes in 3 different finishes! $99.99Console Table

4. Loring Accent C-Table with storage: Small, sleek, and simple! The vintage oak finish will complement with any decor style. $89.99C Table

5. Black Earthenware Vases: Beautiful and timeless! Comes in two different sizes. I can’t wait to grab these. $16.99-19.99

Black Vase

6. Patterned pillow: Who doesn’t love pillows? This one is my favorite! It adds beige, cream and gray into one facet. $19.99Pillow

7. Succulent in a pot: A simple touch at a price you can’t beat! $5.99


8. Marble Cake Stand: There’s NO way I’d hide this beauty in a cabinet! Love this wood base! $24.99

Cake Stand

9. Tic Tac Toe: This marble piece (I’m a bit obsessed, can you tell?) would be a showstopper on the coffee table! This would make an ideal gift! $29.99

Tic Tac Toe

Have you looked at Project 62’s new items yet? Tell me what you think! Until Next Time

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