The Charm of Charleston

My last weekend was spent in Charleston, South Carolina with some girlfriends for a bachelorette party gone awry via Hurricane Irma. We didn’t let the circumstances we had no control of dampen or ruin our trip and what a wonderful, inspirational city it was to visit! If you’ve never been there before, go! You won’t be disappointed. The history is remarkable, the setting is idyllic, and the people are so vibrant and welcoming. Oh, yeah and the food! Yummmmmm… I wish I could bring some of that fresh seafood back to Ohio!

My favorite part though was the architecture and small details. Downtown Charleston is very historic and the homes are extremely southern (and expensive too). I loved all the outdoor living verandas and porticoes. Ah, I can picture the folks in the 1800s (or earlier) sitting outside covered from head to toe trying to cool off from inside. Can you imagine life without air conditioning or at least fans? Ugh, not me!

One thing is a must, you have to visit the Battery while you are there. It’s a lovely park that is so quaint with mature trees. It overlooks Charleston Harbor and you can see Fort Sumter from the walk. The view is spectacular!  Going back to the architecture of the Battery and Bay Street area. My, oh my! Here’s some eye candy for you…


Rainbow Row (on Bay Street) and side streets were another fascination! Brightly colored homes line Rainbow Row and some are for sale (hint, hint!). The brick, the cobblestone streets, and the iron details! Wow! My camera may have been going a little crazy at this point. I love how the brick shows the wear that the elements have on it. The dark where the sea meets the building at some point in time. The color is what I would love to replicate! Gasp, the white brick that used to be traditional red or brown. And, the flower boxes. My husband thinks I’m crazy for waiting to put one on our home but maybe this will sway him.


I’m still trying to figure out a way that I can implement some of the details I saw into my own home. Maybe I’ll get some ironwork for my house… or shutters! Now, that’s a thought. Although, the colors of some of the houses were too vibrant for me, it could work for someone else! I love the look of the layers, but my aesthetic is mellower than that. 🙂 I like to layer color in to a room/home via accessories and fresh flowers. I think that the easiest element to implement would be brick! Fresh, white brick with a little age to it. Sounds heavenly!

What’s your favorite city to visit or gain inspiration from? Tell me I’m curious!

Until Next Time


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