I had some requests from readers about my dining room shiplap! So here’s the story of our DIY version. Enjoy!

In the light of making our new build a home, I knew I wanted to have some dark walls. As you may recall, I picked Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze for my dining room. I love the grey-brown tones in it; but I was worried about it being the whole room, floor to ceiling. So, I had it painted from the ceiling to about half way down the wall. I saw a picture on Pinterest a long time ago and saved it as a spark for my inspiration. It didn’t have shiplap- just wainscoting. I thought a chair rail molding made of shiplap would be different and something unique. Channeling my inner spirit animal (aka Joanna Gaines) …. We went to work!

First thing first, wood. There are so many different options. We landed on a plywood underlayment. The Home Depot worker was kind enough to cut it up for us. Another thing to think about is how wide you want your shiplap to be. Most is either 6 or 8 inches. I went a little unusual with 7 inch planks. This was really a measurement thing, as I wanted the chair rail to be higher than typical at 42 inches. For some reason, 6 inches looked too skinny and 8 inches looked too wide to me. You can’t go wrong, do what you think is best!

There are so many DIY directions on Pinterest when it comes to Shiplap and I probably read ALL of them, literally… They all had great points to keep in mind. In one article I read, it had strips of 1/8 inch wood hung vertically on the studs, so you wouldn’t have to “find” a stud every time. We took that direction and went with it. It really did make hanging simple. After a mini debate, we started from the top. I thought it would have to be perfect as that’s immediately where your eye is drawn to.

While going down, we didn’t space them out with a penny as most articles had said. A few boards were lower and a few higher. I’m glad it’s not “perfect”- gives it character. Oh, but in the perils of a new build, our house has settled crazily. Lesson learned the hard way. The house drops a half an inch over a 3 foot span. Yikes. Thankfully, by starting at the top, we could cover some of the base molding so it didn’t look out of place. To the naked eye you’d never know… welcome to home DIY. Another thing that was up for debate was how to hang it… stagger or straight. In my error, I thought straight would look best. Really we only have one wall that is long enough that it’d need “staged”. Lesson learned… stagger, always stagger. At the end of the day, you really don’t notice it (I will forever see it).

Once everything is hung and where you want it. Caulk before you paint! I used a paintable white caulk (make sure it’s paintable!) and caulked some of the nail heads and holes. Not all though because we wanted that imperfect look. I kept the knotty wood shown. The hardest and most tedious part was around the windows. I wanted to make it look like it was all singular.

Painting them was most of a process. My husband did a quick spray on the planks before they were hung up. Man, the wood soaked up the paint. It took another 2-3 coats after they were hung to “perfect” them. I used a semi-gloss white. Easy to clean and gives it just a touch of sheen.

After it was all dry, I could really see what else the room needed. I did end up putting a quarter inch molding in the corners to clean it up. And, a professional touch is to put the socket covers on the outside of the wood.


Our house has those lovely (not) adobe corners. They’re rounded in every room and makes painting difficult. Exhibit A on why I hired a painter for this room. Two high arches + adobe corners = not fun. To finish the room off, the edges on the arched walls needed some kind of molding to cover up where the painter stopped. We had to improvise as a standard 1.5 inch corner didn’t work. Two pieces, one a 2 inch and one a ½ inch were married to fill in the void.

Supply List

Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out especially after putting my things back in. I’ll mark this one off as a Pinterest “win” in my book. What should we do next? That is the question…

Until Next Time



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