My 10 Favorite Mirrors right now!

Let’s talk mirrors.

I love mirrors. They finish a room. They provide interest. They reflect what they see to be reality. They can have a story. Custom mirrors can be so expensive. I’ve heard stories about mirrors that have cost hundreds of dollars… on one mirror! Yikes…. Why spend that much when you can have style affordably?

Here are my 10 favorite mirrors currently that won’t break the bank and will provide maximum style!


  1. Trellis Mirror from Pottery Barn – on sale for $199!

A little chippy & a lot of style. I love the antiqued finish on this piece! Can be so versatile in any décor style by bringing life in while adding some softness to a space. I can picture this in a kitchen or dining room over a buffet table. Pair it with some natural foliage and you’re done!

  1. Blanche Wall Mirror from Crate & Barrel—$149

Not the most affordable on this list, but white marble! Helloooooo, there! I love the clean lines of this surrounded by a little bit of gold accent. This little one measures out around 18 inches. It would make a great statement piece addition to any room!

  1. Sadie Mirror from Birch Lane — $172.99

So pretty I had to add to the list… my, oh my. This floor mirror can be used in so many different ways! A true statement piece hung horizontally above a couch, accented perfectly in a nook. The options are endless!

  1. Birksgate Starburst Metal Mirror from Wayfair – $154.99

Starburst… check! Antiqued Gold… check! I’m not usually one for starburst mirrors but this is a beautiful accent mirror with high style. I can picture it over a entryway table. It would surely be a conversation starter right off the bat! 

  1. Aqua Josie Bath Mirror with a tray from World Market – $79.99

An on-trend color with an industrial flair… what could be any better than that? I love items that pair function with style! This shelf could be so handy. This may have to go into my daughter’s bathroom. It’s simply perfect for a bathroom– especially for kids!

  1. Hamilton Hills Beveled Wall Mirror from Amazon – $119.99

Are you a Prime member? It may be worth it for 2 day free shipping on this understated classic. A wonderful modern spin with beveled, curved corners will be stunning hung in your home! This would be perfect for a bathroom.

  1. Traditional Worn Ceramic Distressed wall mirror from Birch Lane – $21.99

Small but mighty. Love the different texture in this one! Warm white ceramic that’s been distressed. It’s a unique piece for sure! Pair it in threes with other similar small mirrors or keep in a single for a fun detail. Can’t go wrong!

  1. Round Decorative Mirror by Threshold from Target – $49.99 with 15% off with code: AUGUST

Love this brass accent for this simply elegant mirror. Hard to find a true round that’s a statement piece in itself. Brass is also another of my favorite right now. Yes, it’s coming back! I think that if you’re wary about it, a mirror is a great place to start.

  1. Alpine Savannah from Target- on sale $67.99 with 15% off with code: AUGUST

Brushed black weathered – wow! This is a truly versatile piece. I’m in love with the black, that’s a bit different! This would be so beautiful hung above a white marble counter.

  1. Another love from World Market- the Rustic Wood Shandi Framed Mirror – $99.99

Love the natural finish with rustic-ness of this mirror. What a stunning piece! Can be great for someone that wants to add a little rustic or farmhouse flair into their life.

I online “shop” a lot. *That may be an understatement* I’m always saving products I like (or someone I know would like) from different retailers I stumble across. Fast retail is my reality right now. I need to be able to order something and have it at my house to see if it works within a reasonable time. I don’t have the hours it takes to spend DIY-ing or sprucing up something I find… I wish I did. Finally, I have an outlet to share with you all of the finds that I find, so you don’t have to do all of the “grunt” work. If you need help looking for something in particular, let me know.

Until Next Time


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