Live. Create. Dream.

Fresh paint. Fresh cut grass. A fresh start. A few of my favorite things.

Last November, when this blog came to life, it was exciting and fun to do something different than the norm of everyday. Yet, it was a challenge all in its’ own. I’ve decided after conferring and analyzing it for a few months that I’m taking this in the direction of home— staging, living, organizing, and design. Those are the highlights of where I believe my passion lies inside.

When we moved into our new home, I had a local design team out to bounce ideas off of. (I have an extremely open floor plan.) They were great and worth having out, although they didn’t really tell me anything earth-shattering, and I couldn’t believe the quote they sent me to design my home. *Head meet table* It was so astoundingly high for what I’d get. Hence, I set out on a quest to do it myself. So far, we’ve lived in our home for two years and I feel like I will never be done decorating. It will in due time, I know, but I get bored very quickly with the same.

From empty rooms to usable space, building really is the best (and worst). I had no preconceived notion of what would look good where or a vision on what is what. Let’s just say that I’ve moved our guest room/ office furniture around about once every month or two. It’s still one of those rooms that’s not done, by far. And, what happens when your husband wants to bring home the biggest Christmas tree on the lot? Yep, re-arranging. I can’t fault him for that though, tradition.

I’ve always loved interior design- the messy or boring creation into beauty. But, I believe, what sets me a part is that while I love a good bargain, I have confidence in quality. I’m always on the hunt for new items that can be timeless in their existence. I love to use items I find for something than what they were meant to be. Changing the color of a bronze painting because I loved the design—I did it. Beauty and function can be simultaneous and work in harmony.

Along the way, my goal is to share things that you wouldn’t normally think of, to provide inspiration for your own home or life, and to share my favorite products I see out there.  Of course, I’m thinking that if you need help looking for something in particular for an idea you have, let me know and I’ll add it to my list to search for. I love helping people find the best deals! Hopefully you’ll join me on this journey. This re-fresh of Homespun Spirit. It’ll be fun along the way!

Until Next Time



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